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Moreno Valley Citizens led Charter Initiative Petition


Lets get out there and gather 13,000 signatures


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Concerned citizens of Moreno valley advocacy group is dedicated to bringing together Groups of people from different backgrounds and political ideologies who are dedicated to Moreno valley being a great place to live and raise a family

Our Mission

To ensure that Moreno Valley taxpayer supported institutions deliver effective and efficient outcomes that improve the quality of life and opportunities to prosper for the citizens of Moreno Valley. Concerned Citizens of Moreno Valley Advocacy Group will advocate for programs and policies that foster excellent economic development and planning, that develops and educate our youth for adulthood, and that provides opportunities for our adults to prosper.

Citizens Led Charter (City Constitution) Initiative Petition

Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition:

Notice is hereby given by the persons whose names appear hereon of their intention to circulate the petition within the City of Moreno Valley for the purpose of electing a Charter Commission. Title: Moreno Valley City Charter Law Commission Citizens Led Proposal. Text of proposed measure: Question 1 - Shall a charter commission be elected by the citizens of Moreno Valley to propose a city charter (constitution) for governing the city of Moreno Valley? A yes or no vote will be required. Question 2 - Which 15 candidates do you want to elect to sit as a commissioner on the Moreno Valley City Charter Commission?


A statement of the reasons of the proposed action contemplated in the petition is as follows: City council members

of Moreno Valley have decided to change the city’s classification from a general law to a charter law city without any input from the citizens of Moreno Valley. Not one of the elected council members has ever publicly stated that they would like to change the City of Moreno Valley to a charter city. However; the first thing that they rush to do, once the election is over (without any public input) is to change the City of Moreno Valley to a charter city. There are 3 ways to change a city from a general law city to a charter law city:

1] City council by majority vote calls for an election to elect a charter commission.

2] Citizens by presentation of a petition signed by not less than 15% of the city’s registered voters have the governing body put a measure on the ballot to the voters to elect a charter commission to propose a charter and for the voters to elect 15 commissioners.

3] City council decides on its own motion to propose or caused to be proposed a charter to and submit the proposal for adoption to the voters at the next statewide general election, primary, or regularly schedule city election.

The Moreno valley City council decided to choose method 3. This method does not require citizen input in writing a charter (city constitution) and is not subject to the Brown Act.

Method 2 the citizen led way, gives the citizens the most control over the charter city process (writing the city constitution). It is a transparent, slow deliberative public process.

The elected commission has two years to hold hearings and craft a new charter, enough time to get it right.

The elected commission will do all of its business in the open (subject to the Brown Act). Whereas the city council ad hoc committee (two council members Tom Owings and Richard Stewart) will not operate in the open and is not subject to the Brown Act. The Brown Act gives the public the right to know what their government is doing. The present plan is one that is written in the back room, by the politicians, cronies and special interest groups.

Concerned Citizens of Moreno Valley Advocacy Group supports the citizens led way to creating a City Charter.   STOP THE POLITICIANS !

NAME OF PETITIONER ADDRESS DATE – Print Name: Craig R. Givens Residence Address (No. P.O. Box) 26961 Cimarron Canyon Drive 2-28-13 Signature: /s/ Craig R. Givens Moreno Valley CA 92555 Print Name: Curtis L. Gardner Residence Address (No. P.O. Box) 25907 Flint Dr. Signature: /s/ Curtis L. Gardner Moreno Valley, CA 92553 2-28-13

Initiative Measure to be Submitted Directly to the Voters
 The city attorney has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure:



The City of Moreno Valley is a general law city.  This petition is created pursuant to Government Code section 34452, which provides that if a petition is signed by no less than fifteen percent (15%) of the registered voters of the City of Moreno Valley, the City Council shall call an election to determine the following two questions:


(1) “Shall a charter commission be elected to propose a new charter?”

(2) Candidates for the office of charter commissioner.


If the first question is approved by a majority vote of the electorate, a charter commission will be created and the fifteen candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to the charter commission.  The charter commission is charged with drafting a charter by which the City will be governed.  The proposed charter will be submitted to the electorate and, if approved by a majority vote, the City of Moreno Valley shall be governed by the terms and provisions of the charter and shall be known as a charter city.

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